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TLD Gets Back to Business Basics

"Watch what you wish for!" is a saying I always heard, but never realized that it could actually happen.  While visiting the beautiful island of St. Marteen last year, I visualized a life lived debt free, a rewarding professional, and a simplified personal life. 

Less than six months later, my 2700 sq. ft. house was emptied and sold and I moved my remaining belongings to Bradenton, Florida, the County Seat of Manatee County.  I forgot how much I enjoy being near the water.  And, even though I find the idea of establishing my 23 year-old business in a new community, I also have the confidence that having become a successful business owner once, I can do it again.

This time I've chosen to actively listen to what the experts have to say and use my own lessons learned as motivation to make these last ten years of TLD as rewarding as the last twenty.  In order to re-boot TLD in Florida I've:

  • attended the Tampa Bay Startup Week.  The free weeklong conference was sponsored by Chase and although aimed Tech companies, it was filled with useful information, resources, and experts including USF, Small Business Development Center, Hillsborough County Purchasing, and other business owners discussing the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship.  This gave me a good feel for the greater Tampa/St. Pete area and the vision for the future.  This area is growing and I believe the market for my services to be positive.
  • enrolled in the Florida SBDC Business Startup Series.   Six workshops each focusing on an important aspect of starting a business.  The work has been challenging, but it has forced me to do analysis, and for those who know me, you'll recognize that this isn't really my favorite task.
  • joined the local Chamber of Commerce.  Manatee County has a very active Chamber and by joining, I now have a market and opportunities to network.  I plan on joining the Workforce Development committee and perhaps begin writing an article for the newsletter about Employee Development.
  • joined ATD Suncoast Chapter.   The major Trade Association for employee performance is the Association of Talent Development (ATD).  Formally known as The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).  I've found that by networking with colleagues, you can gain vital information about the market as well as guage your skills against others.  It also helps to keep up to date with trends and skill development.

Next entry:   Creating TLD's marketing plan

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